10 Best Shoes For Toddlers With Wide Feet

Kids are always a parent’s major priority; they never compromise with child comfort and safety. Then, why they compromise when it comes to purchasing shoes for their toddler? Today, in this article, we will discuss the ten best shoes for toddlers with wide feet to select the particular pair for your little one.

Finding shoes is hard, but finding wide feet shoes are harder. We will try to help you out from these difficulties.

1 Crocs Kids’ Clog, Water Shoes Classic

best shoes for toddler with wide feet

Most guardians choose crocs for their babies because of their accommodation during the summer season. They are breathable, so your baby can appreciate extended periods of play without getting their feet stinky. Again, they are excessively simple to clean, and specialists suggest them for short walks and not for dynamic play.

The Classic Clogs have a shut toe with a slingback. They are comprised of Croslite, a waterproof, engineered material.

Again, the crocs are reasonable for strolling and moving about in places with soil or mud. Besides, cleaning is a delight since you just require utilizing a mellow cleanser. Likewise, you may clear off dirt with a soggy material.

With regards to comfort, the toe territory is open, and the waist underpins the feet accurately. These are accessible in various colors. They come with different styles that can go on with an assortment of garments. So going to a gathering or taking your youngster to a play area or a pool, simply put on the Crocs, and you will be ready to go.

Beyond question, the crocs are an incredible expansion to your children’s closet, and their stunning quality makes them appropriate for various events. Are you looking for the best shoes for toddlers with wide feet? You can go for these shoes.


  1. Large
  2. Simple to clean
  3. Satisfying
  4. Easy on and off


  1. Sand can enter easily


2 Stride Rite Toddler Sneaker

best shoes for toddlers

The Stride Rite is a progressive brand in the arrangement of great shoes for little youngsters. Its shoes are a mix of advancement and innovation to make casual footwear.

The shoes arrive in the latest plan that you will venerate and kids love. They comprise of premium unadulterated calfskin along the elastic sole that offers adaptability and solace to the child.

These shoes are ideal for the first walker. Again, they offer vast loads of adaptability and solace. A new walker may adore the extravagant memory foam embeds!

This organization comprehends what it’s choosing to be searching for fat child feet. Again, the insole comprises of adaptable padding for absolute solace, though it includes a movable conclusion for simple-on wear.

Additionally, the shoes are not rugged to keep up, and you just require utilizing a brush, soggy material, and gentle cleanser.


  1. Excellent unadulterated elastic
  2. Agreeable
  3. Flexible conclusion
  4. More extensive toe zone
  5. Simple to keep up


  1. Restricted color variation

3 STQ Boys Girls Water Shoes

best water shoes for toddlers

Another excellent selection for children with wide feet is STQ Boys Girls Water shoes. This shoe has a gorgeous design that perfect trendy while fitting wide feet.

There is a rubber sole that provides comfortable walking. The design of this shoe is pretty. It helps reduce hurt by collision.

Your kid can easily slip on and pull off. High stretch fabric makes the shoe more durable. The hole increases breathability. A great feature of this shoe is quick drying. Your kid feels comfort during the pool, water sports, or beach play.

This lightweight shoe is easy to wash. The performance of the cushioning is high. You can remove dirt easily. Also, it gives a fantastic shock absorption performance. Flexible thick rubber outsole helps for the absorption.

This waterproof shoe is perfect for the kid. Don’t worry about quality. Your kid will enjoy it to wear. This soft, comfortable, lightweight shoe is perfect for walking, beach play, and indoor or outdoor sports activities. Experts take it as the best shoes for toddler with wide feet.


  1. Has an excellent grip
  2. High cushioning performance.
  3. Washable process is easy.
  4. High durability and breathability with superior absorption.
  5. Stylish more than other waterproof.


  1. Not found.


4 Tombik Toddler Boys and Girls Beach/Pool Slides Sandals

Best Toddler Boys and Girls Beach Sandals

Do you very fond of stylish sandals? Don’t worry. There is Tombik Toddler Sandals for boys and girls. It might be the best companion for your kids. Are you looking for the best shoes for toddlers with wide feet? Please have a look at these shoes.

The fantastic design will impress you. Moreover,. it maintains the best quality material. There is a flexible elastic back strap. It will help your kid to put quickly on or off.

Sandals are also curved-designed that increasing their comfort. During summer, your kid gets little feet to breathe. The sandals have thickened sole.

It can keep the liquids. The outsole is very sturdy. So, it has excellent traction on the wet surface. Children can play on the damp surface freely. The sandals are nicely soft. The bottom fits sole can provide your kid if they want to stand and play a long time.

Tombik toddler has many colors. Available color is Navy, shark, and blue. Your child can use it formally or casually on almost occasions.

The manufacturer ensures the best quality of these sandals, and durable material makes the sandals more convenient. No doubt, these sandals provide comfort.



  1. Materials are durable
  2. Outsole is very sturdy
  3. Excellent breathability
  4. Reasonable at a price.
  5. Adorable color


  1. Difficult sizing

5 Ikiki Squeaky Sandals for Toddler

best squeaky shoes for toddlers

The principal thing that guardians require is a nice pair of shoes for their children, ideally, a formidable pair of casual shoes that permit natural air, or a pair of shoes that a kid must wear on any event. Last year, it was renowned as the best shoes for toddler with wide feet.

Under all these conditions, the Ikiki shoes are a brilliant thought. They are amusing to wear and dazzling on a baby’s feet. Additionally, your youngster must enjoy the music of the squeaker.

I think you may love these shoes because a measuring diagram is accessible that guardians print to gauge the size of kids’ feet. This way, it dispenses with the issue of picking thin shoes.

These shoes are agreeable to wear, particularly on wide feet. It encourages babies to go for short strolls and remain agreeable. Once more, the sole is water-safe, and your kid will be protected in any event.

Furthermore, the company ensures that the squeakers don’t lower in the water. You can use a mellow cleanser for fast, tidy up!


  1. Are large
  2. High foothold bottom
  3. Water-safe sole
  4. Simple to clean


  1. Irreplaceable

6.Crocs Kids’ Swiftwater Sandals

best shoes for toddlers with wide feet in 2020

When you’re searching for shoes to fit wide baby feet, then try crocs! They are suitable for toddler’s feet.

They are called lightweight water shoes. These shoes are water-accommodating and intended to channel water away. On the off chance that a baby will be close to the water, you may wish to have these shoes. These shoes are called the best shoes for toddlers with wide feet.

They are comprised of Croslite, a waterproof, engineered material. They come with different styles that can go on with an assortment of garments. So when going to an occasion or taking your baby to a play area, simply put on the Crocs, and you will be ready to go.

The Swiftwater Sandals are appropriate for both boys and ladies. These shoes are about solace and usefulness. The lively and negligible plan permits children to travel through life quickly.

Again, these shoes have Toe security. They are agreeable, straightforward, and simple to on/off. I can ensure that you won’t be fretted over them following 6 to 9 months of consistent use.


  1. Pleasant design
  2. Lightweight
  3. Comfortable and easy to put


  1. The Velcro doesn’t hold tightly

7. Stride Rite 360 Kids’Artin 2.0 Athletic Running Shoe

shoes for kids with wide feet

This shoe has premium quality material with a new gorgeous look. This product ensures a level of relaxation and comfort to wear. Toddlers like to wear these types of shoes. They enjoy very much to use it.

Everybody recommends the shoe for the stylish design. However, it makes the shoe more attractive to the kid. Premium quality materials make the shoe more durable.

The sole is synthetic. Children can run fast and freely. However, the excellent grip can help to control running. There are no small holes. But the shoe is more breathable than the other.

You can wash any dirt, nail from the shoes by machine. The hook and loop closure makes it easy to on/off. There is a dual fit system.

An excellent feature is the absorption of water by the insole. The outsole of this shoe is so much flexible. Children can feel relax using this. Although it is a running shoe, it is suitable for casual use.

Very high quality made comfy shoe at a reasonable price. So this shoe is highly recommended.


  1. Aesthetic design
  2. Premium quality materials
  3. Comfortable to walk
  4. Flexible outsole
  5. Fast dry


  1. Not found

8. Nerteo Toddler Kid Boys Girls Shoes

best toddler shoes review

Do you search for the best toddler shoes for wide feet? Do you have a healthy kid who runs a lot? Still, yes. Your kid has to need proper shoes. So, Nerteo toddler will be the perfect choice for your kid.

This shoe provides you with a quality product. There is also an attractive design. Lightweight, durable material made rubber soles that helpful for fast running and walking. The outsole with anti-slip rubber provides excellent traction.

Breathability is high for the knit. Lightweight and durable materials ensure soft and comfortable. So a kid can play and run for a long time.

The shoe has a high elasticity capacity. However, there are adjustable hook and loop closure for easy on or off. The extraordinary feature is preventing soles sweat, and you can clean the shoe without any difficulties. The shoe is also washable in the machine.

Dark grey color Nerteo toddler is an excellent choice for travel and outdoor activities. This soft, resilient, durable shoe is popular with all guardians. So, don’t worry about quality.



  1. Outsole is anti-slip
  2. Excellent traction
  3. Highly resilient, durable, and breathable
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Price is not high


  1. Overweight can harm on the sole

9.Hiitave Toddler Shoes Boys Girls

Hiitave Toddler Shoes Boys Girls

Every parent always concerns about comfort and fashion for toddler shoes. Hiitave Toddler shoe is an excellent brand. This shoe is comfortable to use. It is one of the adequate shoes for toddlers.

It is popular with all. The technology and features are used in shoes like other famous brands. The design is simple, but breathability is 100 percent. Mesh materials make the shoe more lightweight. So, you can dry the shoe very fast.

Durable rubber soles make the shoe more convenient, and it provides excellent traction. The elasticity is high. So, the shoe is perfect for running, playing, and walking.

There is, as usual, adjustable hook and loop closure for easy on or off. You can clean the shoe easily with any pain. Again, the washing machine can wash this shoe.

No doubt, the quality, and design of this shoe are gorgeous and fabulous. Toddler will enjoy it to use. This shoe may be a nice birthday gift for your kid. Again, you can purchase it as the best shoes for toddler with wide feet.


  1. Sturdy and breathable mesh materials
  2. You can get various colors and super cute
  3. Perfect for any fit size
  4. Highly flexible
  5. Protective closure strap and easy to maintain


  1. No long-lasting

10.Crocs Kids’ Realtree Clog, Water Shoes

The Best Toddler Water Shoes of 2020

You can choose crocs for your baby because of their accommodation during the summer season. They are breathable, so your baby can appreciate extended periods of play without getting their feet stinky.

These shoes are suitable for the outdoor journey and rough uses. They are unfathomably light and enjoyable to wear. It is the ideal pair for kids when going around the lawn.

These shoes are comfortable for both boys and girls. However, they are made with Croslite foam for Iconic Crocs Comfort. The versatile material makes sure to be adored by all. Moreover, you will find synthetic sole for your toddlers.

These shoes are water-accommodating and intended to channel water away. I love these for my little child, as they are not difficult to slide on and off. Once more, they are so much simpler to wash. Likewise, you may clear off the mud with a soggy material.

You can select these water shoes for better comfort and heavy usage for your kids. These shoes are popular with guardians all over the world.


  1. Easy on and off
  2. Large
  3. Simple to clean
  4. Croslite froth for Iconic Crocs Comfort


  1. Crocs are costly


Parent’s Guide and tips to the Best Shoes for Toddlers:

When it comes to toddler extra wide shoes, most of the time, parents struggle to find out the right-sized and designer shoes for kids. As a parent, you might need to consider some factors while looking for the best shoes for toddler with wide feet. Here the factors are:

  • Comfort

Firstly, you must have to consider during buying wide feet shoes is the comfort of the shoe. An uncomfortable pair of shoes is annoying for anyone, so it must be worse for the toddler. It will make miserable for your little one and negatively affect their development of feet.

Shoes must have to comfortable for the toddler as well as supportive. Some children say that a particular brand or pair of shoes is satisfied; another might oppose it. Generally, comfort is based on the size and enough space for the toes to stir and still room for growth.

  • Protection

Protection is a vital factor you need to keep in mind when shopping for complete kid’s shoes. Many kids are so energetic, so their shoes have to efficient enough to hold that without falling into pieces.

Children’s shoes are going through lots of wear and tear. Their shoe needs to durable, and the sole is broad enough to climb up trees or climb over rock.

  • Adjustability

Adjustability is also a factor that is particularly important as others, and it is the ability to adjust the shoes. Several wide shoes can fit nicely on broad feet, but sometimes it’s best to change the boots to match even excellent.

Whether they are Velcro, the straps are long enough to have room for wide feet, and you can adjust the straps as your entail.

The shoes’ opening should have large enough to only fit around the wide feet without experience discomfort. More adjustable shoes provide more comfort.

  • Ease of use

The shoe must have to convenience friendly for the toddler. So they can quickly put the shoe alone without any help. The ease of use will rely on the kid’s age, and the shoe is handy or not.

Lace-up designed shoes are not preferable for the toddler. It should not be easy to get in or out quickly. Therefore, you might use the hook or the loop design which offer quick on and off feature.

  • Breathability

The final and important consideration is that toddler shoes must have to breathable. The breathable shoes will help to keep your toddler feet away from the biological issue that could be happened for moisture and sweat.

The lather or the upper made with the mesh shoes offers the breathable feature. The breathable materials allow the air to pass through and keep the shoe moisture away. For this, you might not experience odor from toddler’s feet after wearing shoes for hours and hours.


When should I put my toddler in shoes?

A toddler can go for a reasonably long time before they need their first pair of shoes. Generally, this simple rule is followed before buying a child’s first pair of shoes. They only need shoes when they are playing around the outside on terrain that might hurt their feet. On a cold surface, it’s better to use a pair of non-slip socks and booties.

How often should I replace my toddler shoes?

We all know how rapidly a child’s feet can grow up. It is wise to measure your kid’s feet regularly.

It’s good to change their shoes each two to four months up to the age of five. After the age of five, the feet development slows slightly, so this time you might have to replace shoes every five or seven months.

How do I know my children’s correct shoe size?

Choosing the correct size of shoes is as essential as purchasing a pair of support shoes. It’s critical to ensure that your child is wearing the right size of shoes because wrong-sized shoes negatively impact growth.

Initial, you have to take a paper sheet, stand his or her on the paper. Withstanding straight and elevated position, trace around the feet with a pencil or pen. Measure the length of feet using tape from the longest point to heel and also measure the toe-box for width.

Now, compare the measurement to the shoe chart; you will get your child shoe‘s precise size.

Can shoes negatively affect my child’s feet?

It depends on the wasted time of the shoe. If your child wears shoes too often, it can delay the child’s ankle’s strength development or alter their arch’s development. However, this is the best first few years; let them run barefoot or in socks until they start to run the outer surface or on splintered surfaces.


Bottom line

Finding precise shoes for the toddler is not an easy job at all. It also turns out more difficult when you have to purchase for wide feet. If you have a desire to shop for the best shoes for toddler with wide feet, you can choose from our recommendation list.

The purpose of creating this article will help you choose the right pair of shoes for your beloved toddler. We would highly recommend you to consider those factors before purchasing shoes. Have a great shopping!

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