When Can I Carry My Baby in a Carrier?

when can I carry my baby in a carrier


At presents, most of the parents love the idea of using a baby carrier for their loving child. This is because a baby carrier can be a game-changing thing for the parents who are tired of dragging their little angel around all day long. Though it helps a lot for both of the parents and the children, there arise many questions. The biggest question among those is when can I carry my baby in a carrier?


It is natural to have such a question as no parent wants to put their child in any unexpected danger for lack of knowledge regarding the baby carrier. We know nothing is more precious than your baby to you. So it is important to grow your baby up in safety. The purpose of this writing is to provide the solution to the question about when can I carry my baby in a carrier. This article will help you regarding when you should think for a baby carrier for your baby.



Theoretically, you can carry your baby in a carrier as a newborn.  But a lot of recommendation you will get from many that it is better to carry your baby in a carrier when your baby is 4-5 months old. This is because by this time your baby got its neck muscles strong enough to support its head. This technique is totally risk-free for your baby. And the risk-free technique is the best technique for your child.


Another thing is that if you buy a baby carrier for your newborn, you just need to make sure that the carrier contains a baby wrap or sling that is made from soft fabric. For that, it will allow your baby to curl up comfortably inside the carrier. But at the newborn stage of your baby, their neck muscles are delicate. At this early age of your baby, the weight of the head is one-third of the total body weight. So your baby cannot hold up the head high for too long. That is why you should find a carrier that can provide support to the neck and shoulder muscles of your baby with a firm headrest.


Basically, a baby carrier is very much helpful for the parents to carry their baby. A baby carrier allows you to hold your baby without the use of your hands so that you can take care of your daily tasks. You can also move freely here and there with your baby in a baby carrier. But the risky part is that if your baby carrier does not contain any neck support then it can cause dangerous harm to your adorable baby. So when you are about to have a baby carrier for your child, you should make sure that the carrier has the adjustable neck support.



You should also consider the following facts when you start using the baby carrier for your child. All the facts mentioned here are really important for you and your child.

  • Always keep your baby in your proper supervision when you carry your baby in the baby carrier. Check that there is no fabric or cloths covering your child so that you cannot see the face of your baby.
  • It is important to carry your child close to your body and ensure free air passages.
  • Frequently check your baby whether your baby gets displaced or not.
  • Tighten up all the buckles of the carrier securely to ensure good support for the body and neck of your baby at the time of carrying your baby in the carrier.
  • When you are in sporting activities such as running, skiing or cycling, never try to carry your child in a baby carrier.
  • Do not lie down while you are carrying your baby in a baby carrier.
  • Do not use warm dress to cover your child since your child will also get the heat from your body.



The baby carrier is one of the best things that help you grow your child in an easy and smooth way. You should properly understand the answer to the question when can I carry my baby in a carrier so that you can make your decision on when to use the carrier. If you follow the instructions mentioned above, you can smoothly use a baby carrier for your baby. Remember, your baby is the most precious gift to you, so it is important for you to get the right baby carrier for your loving baby. It is also important that the carrier you get your baby has the adjustable neck support so that you can let your baby stay safe and secure inside the carrier.

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